Gaming Updates

I have finally been able to migrate the website to its new domain name. That was quite the experience, but I have to say the folks at were super helpful when there were hiccups. During that process I have picked up a couple of new games to try out. I have jumped on the Lost Ark ship for a bit. I will have a mini review for that up once I hit level 50 (I’m so close!) Sadly the World of Warcraft guild has decided to stop raiding. While I have not been an active participant in that game for quite some time now, I am saddened by the news. With WotLK Classic right around the corner, I think the burnout was real and people needed a break. Any current or former members of Alt Run, Guild Mentality, Clean or Bang Gang (All the same group of folks) are welcome to reach out to me on discord Pawn#0939 and I would love to play games with you fine folks any time!

Outside of MMO games, I have been back in to that League of Legends grind. I had been on a good clip to get up to gold for the first time in two seasons after not playing more than just placements the last couple of years. However the 12.10 Patch has recently released. Known as the durability patch, it has had a major impact on the game, and sadly on my win rates. I believe I am something like 5 wins out of the last 32 games or something to that effect. It’s been tough for teams to figure out how the meta has shifted. While this hasn’t impacted my ranked games because until I feel there is a solid meta I have stayed out of ranked, it sure has my mental taking a big hit.

I have also been dabbling in some TF2, Apex Legends, and I even played my first game of Fortnite ever, this month. I am now a 100% win rate in Fortnite and may retire soon. The no build really does seem to make the game more relatable to me and I enjoyed watched and playing in the games I’ve been a part of. That is probably it as far as games go for now. If you’d like to suggest any games please feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @ThePawn02!

Life Updates

As far as life updates go, nothing huge to report here. I had some family come visit this last week which was nice. With the effects of the pandemic beginning to subside or at least not be in the forefront of everyone’s minds it has been good to be able to get out a little more. Back in November / December I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, which has had considerable impact on my life. Since then I have become much more active and aware of what I have been consuming. It seems that the gamer life has faded in to the gamer days of old for me. While I enjoy gaming just as much as every, I have had to balance a lot of things. So gaming while staying healthy has become the priority. Maybe a message to someone who comes across this, all things are good, in moderation.

Well that’s it for now. Happy gaming everyone!

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